Camden Giving Week

13-19 May 2019

Camden Giving Week is back for its second year! A week of businesses coming together to support the local community.

Camden Giving connects people who live, work and play in Camden to end local inequality. We support local people to lead their own projects, anything from boxing clubs to resident newspapers and food banks to homeless shelters.


Camden Giving week events

Buy a ‘Camden Giving Product’ from these businesses and they’ll donate a % to our fund


how to take part:

If you are a local business, social enterprise or community group and you want to do something during this week. There are a few ways to joing the week, if you’d like to know more get in touch with Suela

Why Camden Giving Week?

Camden Giving Week is our one and only fundraising event throughout the year. We have big dreams for 2019, but we can only make this happen with the support of local businesses.

  • Inequality in Camden is growing year on year, a third of children in Camden live in poverty and average life expectancy in the poorest wards is 10 years less than the wealthiest wards.

  • Knife crime has risen faster in the past 18 months than anywhere else in the UK

  • Homeless in Camden has risen by over 600% in the last 12 months.

This Camden Giving Week will help us to pool funds for disability, youth empowerment, women and inquality, and continue our work for small local charities by offering workshops, specialist support, and capacity building events.


Some of the projects we’ve supported with money from small businesses and people like you