Our Gender Equality Pledge


Surely a liberal place like Camden doesn’t have an issue with gender equality?

Well actually it does:

  • Women in Camden are 5x more likely to claim income support than men.

  • The gender pay gap is wider in Camden than the national average.

Our experience shows us that women in Camden are thirsty for change, we receive more applications and give more grants to women than men, but we could do more to support marginalised women to lead change in Camden. And we could do more the support men change gender equality.

So, we’re making a pledge to people of all genders in Camden. This is just a start and we want to add to it over time, if you think there is more we could be doing to support gender equality, please get in touch:

  1. We’re working with UCL to provide user-friendly data on gender equality to all our community panellists, meaning that all our decision makers are well-informed about the experiences of different genders in Camden.

  2. We’re launching parent-friendly grant advice sessions, at times and places where it’s ok for little ones to make a mess and have a tantrum whilst we do our best to answer your funding questions.

  3. We’re working with Camden’s businesses to offer Apprenticeships to marginalised women in Camden.

  4. We’re connecting the Camdenites who are worrying about gender equality in our borough. If that’s you please complete the form below.

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