Inclusive Community Fund

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ensuring everyone can benefit

Our ‘Inclusive Community Fund’ is a partnership with Camden Disability Action, funded by the London Borough of Camden’s Community Impacts programme. The programme puts people with disabilities at the heart of the decisions, empowering them to make informed choices on which projects to fund based on their own experiences.

The Inclusive Panel welcome proposals of up to £20,000 for innovative, practical solutions that create new - or improve existing - spaces, services and activities that encourage community cohesion, inclusive participation and better access for adults with disabilities.

Who can apply?

We will be seeking proposal from charities, community groups and social enterprises with an annual income below £500,000, do not identify as a disability organisation, whose existing services, activities and facilities are not easily accessible or inclusive for adults with physical, learning, cognitive or mental health disabilities in Camden.

If your annual income is over £500,000 and you believe a grant would add value to your approach to inclusivity, please contact Camden Giving to discuss further.

WHat could I apply for?

The Inclusive Fund exists to increase access to, and participation in, mainstream services, activities and facilities for disabled adults in Camden. The fund is to bring together disabled adults and non-disabled adults by funding projects such as:

  • Facilitation training to upskill disabled adults so they can deliver community activities such as yoga classes or arts clubs.

  • Enhancing access to arts and culture for disabled adults through sensory experiences such as BSL theatre performances.

  • Creating multi-sensory environments for adults with autism using interactive technology such as sensory projectors for film clubs.

  • Providing sports activities that includes tailored equipment and specialist support for adults with physical disabilities.

  • Training residents as ‘dementia friends’ to for neighbours with Alzheimer’s, accompanying them to services and offering 121 support during activities.

  • Co-producing interactive maps to help with navigating routes to the service and familiarise them with the local area and facilities.

We will not accept proposals for activities that are only for disabled adults to participate in, for instance ‘yoga sessions for wheelchair users ’ or ‘BSL performances for adults with hearing impairments’.


Applications will be made directly to Camden Giving but all of the decisions are made by the Inclusive Panellists. Please try and use accessible language in your application wherever possible, for example avoid using jargon or abbreviations. Click on the button below to apply to the Inclusive Community Fund.

The Inclusive Communities Fund is now open until 11th November 2019.

Additional support

We recommend you have a chat with one of our team if you would like to apply to this fund by coming along to one of our events or emailing We have a range of flexible support available to applicants who need it, including ESOL support, applications via video or interview, just get in touch.

We are partnering with Camden Disability Action who can also provide support such as advising on appropriate language to help engage beneficiaries, signposting to helpful resources, or connecting you to disability organisations who might be interested in your work. You can get in touch with for support.

Here are some resources that may help guide you with your application:

Definition of Disability under the 2010 Equality Act 

You are disabled under the Equality Act 2010 if you have a physical or mental impairment that has a ‘substantial’ and ‘long-term’ negative effect on your ability to do normal daily activities

  • ‘substantial’ is more than minor or trivial, eg it takes much longer than it usually would to complete a daily task like getting dressed 

  • ‘long-term’ means 12 months or more, eg a breathing condition that develops as a result of a lung infection 

Click the documents below for more guidance.