Inclusive Community Fund

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ensuring everyone can benefit

Our ‘Inclusive Community Fund’ is a partnership with Camden Disability Action, funded by the London Borough of Camden’s Community Impacts programme. The programme puts people with disabilities at the heart of the decisions, empowering them to make informed choices on which projects to fund based on their own experiences.

WHAT WOULD THE Inclusive Community Panel LIKE TO SUPPORT? 

The Inclusive Fund exists to increase access to, and participation in, mainstream services, activities and facilities for disabled adults in Camden. The Inclusive Panel welcome proposals for innovative, practical solutions that create/improve existing spaces and activities that encourage community cohesion, inclusive participation and better access for adults with disabilities.

We will be seeking applicants for projects from charities, community groups and social enterprises with an annual income below £500,000 whose existing services, activities and facilities are not easily accessible or inclusive for adults with physical, learning, cognitive or mental health disabilities in Camden.

Application Process

The funding will be available in 3 phases as ‘continuation grants’ to enable organisations to trial, grow and expand on their project:

Stage 1 "try it" 

For grants of up to £2,500 for small trials and pilots for a minimum of 6 months.

Stage 2 "do it" 

For grants of up to £8,000 to run the trial project on a bigger scale.

You will only be able to apply to this stage after you are awarded a grant at Stage 1.

Stage 3 "grow it

For grants of up to £20,000 to expand your work across the borough.

You will only be able to apply to this stage after you are awarded a grant at Stage 2.

Applicants can only apply to Stage 1 for this round of funding.

You will only be invited to apply to Stage 2 and Stage 3 if you have been awarded a grant at the previous Stage.

At each Stage your application will go to the Inclusive Panel to decide which project they want to continue to fund.

Examples of eligible proposals

  • Training for disabled adults to improve their facilitation skills so they can deliver community activities such as yoga classes or arts clubs.

  • Enhancing access to and enjoyment of arts and culture for disabled adults through sensory experiences such as BSL theatre performances.

  • Creating multi-sensory environments for adults with autism using interactive technology such as sensory projectors for film clubs.

  • Providing sports activities that includes tailored equipment and specialist support for adults with physical disabilities.

Key Dates

Stage 1 will be open for applications on Monday 3rd June 2019.

The deadline for completed applications is 23:59 pm 15 July 2019. 

Applicants will be informed of the decisions by mid-August 2019. 

We aim to award Stage 2 grants in March 2020.

We aim to award Stage 3 grants in September 2020.

How are decisions made?

Applications will be made directly to Camden Giving but all of the decisions are made by the Inclusive Panellists.

Please try and use accessible language in your application wherever possible, for example avoid using jargon or abbreviations.

We recommend you have a chat with one of our team if you would like to apply to this fund, you can do this by coming along to one of our events or by booking an appointment, email We have a range of flexible support available to applicants who need it, including ESOL support, applications via video or interview, just get in touch.