Marketing & Social Media Support

Charities rely on marketing to find more support to their causes as well as sharing their inspiring work. However, the majority of small local charities lack knowledge about the basic principles to set up the right strategy that works for them. When having a successful marketing and social media plan, the benefits last for a long time.

Please have a look at the requested skills and submit your details. All of the skilled support requests are short-term opportunities. Depending on your time and skills you are welcome to do advisory sessions spread out over a few weeks.


Marketing & social media advice

Beneficiaries: young people

Within the development of the HS2, Maria Fidelis school had to say farewell to their park at Hampstead Road which was home to their Multi Games Use Area where the local youth basketball players would go and play regularly.

In October 2018, Camden Giving has funded the school to build a new Camden Basketball Club. The club has been put together to develop grassroots basketball in the local community with sessions delivered once a week for 40 weeks. The club aims to participate in the London Local League and teach the kids not only play basketball, but also life skills.

As Social Media is a huge part of our the youth lives, the club would higely benefit from support in marketing via social media and enhance the grow our network/participants even quicker.


Marketing support

Beneficiaries: children

The Kids Network supports children at a crucial time in their lives, in the lead up to and often during the transition from primary into secondary school and they do this by providing them with a volunteer mentor, a young professional from the local community.

Started in July 2016, The Kids Network is a successful grassroots volunteer led charity, but also facing some growing pains.

Get in touch, if you are good at:

  • Development of branding guidelines

  • Content creation

  • Templates for documents

  • Design of collateral e.g. pull up banners

If you can commit to:

Please sign up, if you would like to get in touch with them for an informal advisory one to one session.