Meet Helina

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Helina Tadesse is an Apprentice Grants Coordinator for Camden Giving, here she talks about her first week as an Apprentice and what motivated her to work for Camden Giving.

I am here at Camden Giving, as an Apprentice Grants Coordinator. Camden Giving is all about trying to make Camden the best it can be, by funding and supporting projects that focus on making Camden a fairer borough for everyone. 

Camden is my home, I’ve lived here since I was 8 years old; I wanted to work for this organisation because I am passionate about helping the people of Camden. I love Camden because it's a place where people can feel comfortable in their skin, regardless of gender, race, background or age. Working for Camden Giving, means I get to be practical and successful at reaching out to support people: who are in isolation, who have faced drastic changes and who are unemployed. From my perspective, Camden Giving is a very enthusiastic, conscientious and diverse organisation. In addition, I believe that Camden Giving has grown extremely fast and will continue to flourish. This means that we can reach out to more people and help them.

Camden Giving is a new and small, but growing organisation. Over 50% of my generation want to start their own businesses; myself included. Working for Camden giving allows me to experience the independence and creativity of a start-up.

In the first week of working for Camden Giving, the main focus was trying to set up the office, updating our social media, understanding our stats and values as a team. From the first week I had a clear understanding of how we are a very strong, efficient and tactical team. The highlight of the week was the Google training I attended; I learnt how to present well in many different styles. I have also visited some of the projects we supported and met some of the businesses that support our work.

What I want is to: encourage the people of Camden to work together to help each other, ensure everyone in Camden are listened to and are supported appropriately. This will make sure that Camden is making excellent progress as a borough.

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