Camden Giving funded North London Cares to unite lonely young professionals and lonely older people. Here Victoria Buckle who is the development coordinator for North London Cares, talks about the amazing results.

Camden is an amazing place. It is a hub of innovation, dynamism and excitement, with new businesses arriving all the time, interesting exhibitions to visit and pop-up restaurants not to miss. 

But for many older neighbours, who have lived in Camden for 60, 70 or even 80 years, this regeneration can leave them feeling isolated. Trends such as globalisation, gentrification and digitisation have transformed their neighbourhood beyond recognition. They don’t feel part of the party. Instead, they feel left behind.

Yet isolation is not a unique problem to later life. Young professionals working and living throughout Camden are often in a constant rush without a moment to pause in the whirlwind of city life. Feelings of fulfilment and loneliness can often strike, with family living far away and London’s “headphones in, head down” culture.

That’s why North London Cares brings young professionals and older neighbours together to share time, conversation and laughter to tackle isolation and loneliness, and to form mutually beneficial friendships that cross generations.

Our model works. 73% of older neighbours who regularly participate in our activities say their isolation has reduced and 98% of our young professionals say that they have a greater connection to the community as a result.

But don’t just take our word for it, click here and have a look.

Camden is one of the loneliest boroughs in the UK, Camden Giving Week will raise money to support North London Cares run activities that help to reduce loneliness in Camden.