IT/Tech & Digital Support

Charities with a digital strategy are generally more optimistic about the future of their organisations than those without. However it can be quite overwhelming for small charities and grass roots initiatives to keep up with technology and invest in the most cost-effective way. The smallest tips and tricks from experts can change a lot for them.

Please have a look at the requested support and submit your details. We will get in touch with you to discuss further steps (i.e. match you with the right people).


Video Producer & editing

Beneficiaries: young people, adults, elderly

We are desperately looking for someone who to support us, Camden Giving, with editing a few videos. We’ve recorded beneficiaries from a number of our charities, and asked them how our support (funding) has contributed to their well-being and/or changed their lives.

We’ve done the recording but are struggling with the editing/cutting and turning it into coherent ‘impact’ story. We aim to show our funders the value of our support to the local community with these stories and ideally secure more funding.


IT Development & Digital Support

Beneficiaries: disadvantaged adults & vulnerable young people

The Regency Training Foundation offers empowerment and self-development training to disadvantaged adults and vulnerable young people from areas of social and economic deprivation. Beneficiaries learn new life skills from their programmes which have an immediate impact on their lives and communities.

Sign up, if you are good at:

  • Developing a digital system for administration, communications and marketing.

If you can commit to:

A one-off session with a follow-up would go a long way! Depending on your time and skills you are welcome to do advisory sessions spread out over a few weeks.


digital support

Beneficiaries: women

Women + Health delivers affordable complementary therapies and counselling to women in Camden. They target at women most disadvantaged and marginalised, who live with stresses and strains that impact on their health, while often finding it hard to prioritise their own well-being.

They particularly welcome support with making a series of small promotional video clips for their social media channels.