Research Support

Impact reporting, evaluation and monitoring, and using data to story telling is key to grow as a charity. If you are an academician, researcher or have experiences that will help the charities to use the data they need, editing, research on impact, we are looking for you.


Benefits of Youth Boxing and behavioural Therapy

Beneficiaries: Youth

AYBI - Action Youth Boxing Intervention is a response to youth at risk of joining gangs and offers free boxing classes supported by behavioural therapy sessions. AYBI is a true grassroots initiative founded by Albert, once a gang member, who puts his heart and time from day one to empower vulnerable youth to give back to his community.

AYBI has benefitted from expertise support on different occasions resulting in a positive effect on its growth. However, he is looking for a professional to support him with backing up his daily practices with research and disclose the impact of his work.

Depending on your time and skills you are welcome to conduct interviews and conduct a (small) empirical research.