Strategic Advice

Most community organisation that Camden Giving supports are young organisations. Although they are aware of the importance of having a long‐term business strategy to set goals and guide them to achieve those, they often lack the expertise to do so. Your skills and outside-in view can have a great impact and help our charities to realise and achieve their long-term dreams.

Please have a look at the requested skills and submit your details. We will get in touch with you to match you with the charity of your preference.


Strategic & Analytic Planning

Beneficiaries: young people

After two boys were killed in Kentish Town on the same night in February 2018, a group of mothers founded Camden Against Violence. The new grassroots group organised a silent march to commemorate those lost while hundreds of teachers, local parents and community activists took part in as a response to this tragic state of affairs.

Camden Against Violence keeps rallying there is need for action to end the senseless murders taking place on Camden’s streets. However, to make their voice heard more, they need more connections and a strategy in place to increase their partnerships.

Get in touch, if you have the following skills:

  • Strategic planning

  • Business Development

  • Set up a Business Plan

If you can commit to:

A one-off session with a follow-up would go a long way! Depending on your time and skills you are welcome to do advisory sessions spread out over a few weeks


Strategic Planning & Partnerships Growth

Beneficiaries: Young people

AYBI - Action Youth Boxing Intervention is a response to youth at risk of joining gangs and offers free boxing classes supported by behavioural therapy sessions. AYBI is a true grassroots initiative founded by Albert, once a gang member, who puts his heart and time from day one to empower vulnerable youth to give back to his community.

AYBI success has benefitted from expertise support on different ocassions resulting in a positive effect on its growth. Your tips and tricks will have a huge impact on the daily practices and enable Albert’s AYBI to have a better recruitment strategy.

Sign up, if you have the following skills:

  • Strategy & Business Development

  • Account or Partnerships Management

  • Fundraising

If you can commit to:

A one-off session with a follow-up would go a long way! Depending on your time and skills you are welcome to do advisory sessions spread out over a few weeks.


Strategic Advice & partnerships growth

Beneficiaries: children

Due to environtmental changes caused by the construction sites, Netley Primary School and their local community has lost its green spaces, while the poor air quality in the borough has made this a bleak, urban, concrete space.

Camden Giving has funded the school to create an Art Room, a dedicated art space where young people and adults are able to explore the creativity and imagination through the visual arts. They strive to empower the community to understand and embrace change through art, as the local environment is going through a change process.

The schools’ aim is to work collaboratively with art galleries and other organisations to offer a menu of activities to the community users, so they develop their art skills and/or learn new skills. However, to ensure that they reach the most vulnerable groups in the community, they have a very small administrative team who lack the skills and knowledge base to promote this offer. They would highly benefit from guidance in promoting and evaluating the impact and how to create a sustainable enterprise model for their Art Room.