Give a workshop

Community organisations benefit not only from the corporate expertise, but they’re also very keen to learn from one another. Our mission is to built bridges between those organisations who wouldn’t otherwise meet. We can facilitate a workshop where you and your team can share your knowledge and give hands on guidance and become an originator and social connector.

If you’d like to get to know more, please feel free to submit your details below. We will get in touch with you to have an initial chat.


Social Media

Charities rely on marketing to find more support to their causes as well as sharing their inspiring work. However, the majority of small local charities lack knowledge about the basic principles to set up the right strategy that works for them. When having a successful marketing and social media plan, the benefits last for a long time.



The majority of the organisations that we work with are relatively young. Although they are aware of the importance of having a long‐term business strategy to state a vision & mission, set goals and guide them to achieve those, they often lack the expertise to do so. Your skills and outside-in view can have a great impact and help our charities to realise and achieve their long-term dreams.


Project Management

If you are an experienced project manager, we are looking for you. This is a nice opportunity to step into the world of charities and learn from their day to day practices while sharing project management principles and processes that will help them to become more efficient and effective.